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How an Ikea kitchen will increase home value

Trying to sell your home, but the price of kitchens got you down? According to the national real estate market stats, a kitchen is one of the most valuable assets a seller has when putting the house up for sale. A dated kitchen will immediately turn off a buyer. If you are looking for a low-cost way to punch up your space and bring up your bottom line, look no further than an Ikea Kitchen Designer & Installer in your area.

Keeping your budget in mind, an Ikea Kitchen Designer can take your old dated cabinetry and bring appealing high style into your space without breaking the budget. What would an experienced Ikea Kitchen Installer and real estate advisers suggest doing to increase your market value?


A buyer will first look for a kitchen where almost anyone can see themselves cooking. A neutral color palette of whites, creams, or browns keeps the buyer’s eyes on the space at hand, not focusing on the color-specific choices that may not appeal to everyone. You can undoubtedly find an immense database of inspiration for kitchen designs that would complement the architecture of your house. The price of a home, the area, and housing conditions are essential factors when selling a house; data still inform us that well-thought-out kitchen designs are one of the main factors buyers. An experienced Ikea kitchen designer will suggest the most popular neutral designs that most buyers will gravitate towards.

2. Storage Galore & More

All buyers want storage in every nook and cranny they can get it. A well-trained Ikea Kitchen Designer can help you plan the correct use of cabinetry and storage options to maximize your kitchen layout. There are many options for inserts, liners, hooks, and other accessories that open up your storage above and below. For example, Ikea has beautiful cutlery drawer inserts made of bamboo. This type of low-cost addition to the kitchen appeals to buyers.

3. Countertop Choices

Choosing a clean and streamlined counter doesn’t need to be expensive. Staying neutral for your counters is also your best bet. An Ikea Kitchen Designer can show you products that are inexpensive but appealing to buyers. Creating waterfall features can be obtained with most countertop materials. Quartz being a very beloved choice, imagine what a dramatic, eye-catching theme a waterfall countertop edge can do for the overall look of your kitchen.

4. Why can appliances stay 

Keeping your appliances but matching the countertop to your older machines will bring them up to date and make them stand out less. An Ikea Kitchen Installer can ensure that your countertops are flush and look custom in your kitchen. 

5.You can buy custom doors for Ikea cabinets

Ikea has excellent door options, but some companies manufacture doors for Ikea cabinets. We worked extensively with the most famous ones, Semihandmade and Kokeena. We are part of their preferred program of Ikea kitchen installers. Their jaw-dropping door selection makes your kitchen look custom, high-end, and Instagram-worthy.

Creating a more up-to-date look in your kitchen is vital if you are considering selling your home. Increase your value, salability, and options by talking to an Ikea kitchen designer &Installer today.