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Best Ikea Installation services tips in Pet loving Seattle

Regarding Ikea installation, your creativity can contribue beyond the pacement of brand new Ikea kitchen cabinets. Once we’ve installed the Ikea cabinets, we can help you discover new and exciting ways to get the most out of your cabinets.

Ikea installation tips and hacks for pet stations

Dogs and cats have a close relationship with their human caregivers. They love us and prefer to spend time in the same room as their owners, including in the kitchen. We love creating kitchen designs with integrated spaces where our furry babies’ needs are carefully considered.

Taking care of our loved pets is one of the most rewarding and satisfying moments any anyone’s life. Do you have any dogs running all over the house? Why settle for a bowl in the middle of the room when our  Ikea installation services can build an entire food station for your four-legged kids? Even one Ikea cabinet can be transformed into a station with built-in food and water bowls, giving your pet somewhere special to eat and drink, just like any other significant family member.
It is essential to consider your pet’s height when performing an Ikea installation to accommodate your pets. The feeding and water station height should be comfortable, so it is good to test your pet first by placing the bowls at different heights. You should consult your veterinarian regarding the most appropriate bowls height for larger breeds. Other ideas include a water fountain that can be integrated into the kitchen cabinets, bunk rooms, and wash station in your laundry room. We will explore all these ideas in further articles.

From pet feeding stations to storing pet food

One typical Ikea hack involves the cornerstone of many kitchens across the country: pet food storage. Consult our installation services experts about the many posibilities to store pet food in a convenient and accesible spot. How else can our Ikea installation services to create the perfect hideaway spot for pet food and treats? By adding a sliding drawer to a high cabinet large and wide enough to accommodate not only large food bags, jars of goodies, and pet dishes—just an elegant slide of the drawer away at all times. Suddenly, all your additional pet food items are tucked neatly in one cabinet, providing an extra layer of organization you may not have thought possible.

Kitchen islands from wall cabinets

Of course, a kitchen island is an ideal place for a pet station. Our Ikea installation services transform your bright, sunny kitchen using only Ikea cabinets? While we design kitchens with no previous island, we’ve discovered that your brand-new island is just one Ikea hack away. We can create modern islands with different heights from the base and 40″ wall cabinets back to back. All we need is anywhere between four and six top Ikea kitchen cabinets for the necessary dimensional space for your island. Adding a pet station inside the island would only take some cover panels, and a small countertop left over.  We can further customize the design by adding different countertop colors on the island or installing glass on top for a different, unique, modern look. Suddenly, we’ve quickly installed a beautiful, spacious island for you with a simple hack. You want your kitchen to say something about you. By exploring all the capabilities of what Ikea hacking can do for you, you will ensure that our Ikea installation services will customize your kitchen. We will make a bold personal statement on your behalf while using flexible, sophisticated, and convenient Ikea cabinets to their fullest potential.