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Un-biased Review from Ikea kitchen installers

Why am I recommending an Ikea Kitchen? You must read my honest review as an Ikea Kitchen installation provider.

IKEA kitchens are one of the most cost-friendly and diverse stylistic resources for kitchen remodeling. Our company is a full-service remodeling company that loves working with all types of kitchen cabinets. If Ikea’s cabinets are anything, they are 

Anyone who’s ever gone through kitchen remodeling understands that maintaining a budget often takes a lot of creativity. If IKEA cabinets are anything, they are flexible to the needs of their specific user.

We have the initial discussion with our customers, and we may recommend Ikea kitchen cabinets vs. other brands if they are sticking to a budget and the kitchen is large.

Case study

We did a major renovation of a whole house, and our customer only considered Ikea after we suggested it. Her train of thought was to save on the floor material throughout the house and choose an expensive cabinet maker. Instead, we recommended she considers beautiful, top-quality natural hardwood throughout the house and choose Ikea kitchen cabinets to balance the budget.

Since her project included taking down walls and reconfiguring the footprint of the entire first floor, she was happy to consider Ikea kitchen cabinets to maintain the costs within her budget. She still adores her kitchen after a few years.

You can see more pictures of this project in our project gallery.

Why are Ikea kitchens in high demand?

Ikea kitchens are in such high demand because they are just good. The cabinets are well-made, and the drawers and all available inserts look high-end. With further customization, like choosing custom fronts for Kokeena or Semihandmade, your kitchen Ikea kitchen will look worthy of a glossy magazine. The price is incredible for the quality they offer, you can enhance the look with custom doors, and they have so many available styles it is impossible not to find your perfect door style.

An Ikea kitchen is ideal if you need to stay within a specific budget. I believe Ikea kitchens were big helpers to the ADU or tiny house movement. The starting price point helped many people keep costs down while not compromising style in any detached dwelling. If you are not a seasoned DIY-er, the critical element is choosing an experienced Ikea kitchen installer who knows all the tricks.

Ikea’s clever and budget-friendly items

We love how you can have the option of a customizable garbage cabinet, for example. You can have two 18″ bins inside a pullout-type cabinet. You can have a 30 or even 36″ cabinet adapted as a garbage cabinet with multiple containers for the most organized recycler. Another feature that looks high-end is the glass add-on side. It adds a way to make your spacious drawers even better. The glass sides give your drawers a finished look and prevent stacked plates or pans from sticking out on the sides; thus, the kitchen design appears much more organized. We also adore that Ikea has developed many organizers to match each size drawer and cabinet. 

A feature that we love is the horizontal opening system. It is a more European design feature, and our customers love it. Within an Ikea kitchen installation, the horizontal opening door can be installed anywhere on the wall cabinets, including above the fridge cabinet. Let’s talk about hardware, pulls, knobs and countertops. Ikea has some cool handles, and the price point is excellent. Many of their handles are mid-century reminiscing, but you can find a good blend of any style. Of course, you can venture outside of Ikea and purchase your handles anywhere. I love sending my customers to websites like Etsy if they want a showstopper.

It would be best to have high-skilled Ikea kitchen installers for high-end results.

The ability of experienced Ikea kitchen installers to customize and blend design elements will ensure your kitchen will look wholly custom and much more expensive than what you paid. 

I often heard the comment, “I cannot believe this is an Ikea kitchen”! We chose to become Ikea kitchen installation providers because we saw the value and loved the design from the moment we saw an Ikea kitchen in their showroom for the first time. By blending kitchen design features skillfully, we help our customers save huge on cabinetry.  

After going to Ikea’s showroom in person, our customer settled on the Grimslov White Shaker style. In terms of kitchen cabinetry in general, the price is phenomenal, and the door is easy to clean and maintain due to its semi-flat finish. In terms of Ikea kitchen prices, Grimslov is medium priced.

Custom doors and why Ikea kitchen installers love them so much!

Companies like Semihandmade and Kokeena have made Ikea kitchen installers acquire more recognition for their work due to the superb kitchens they install with custom doors. We are preferred installers for both companies, and we can uplift a kitchen design to the stratosphere with the unlimited styles of custom door companies. We are incredibly grateful to have worked extensively with both Kokeena and Semihandmade. We are obsessed with design and jump for joy when our customers decide to work with these fantastic companies. The results are always glorious kitchens with stunning features that quench our thirst for beauty.

Final thoughts on why you should consider an Ikea kitchen.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Here is a before and after with a large but outdated kitchen that benefitted from bright, white cabinets stacked on two rows by our talented Ikea kitchen installers