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We are Seattle’s most experienced IKEA kitchen design and installation family-owned company! We create luxurious, comfortable, and affordable spaces that reflect your style and elevate the quality of your life. We are impeccable perfectionists and meticulous in our approach while renovating your house. Our in-house IKEA Kitchen designer will help you choose unique finishes that complement any style. Start a conversation with us and book your Ikea Kitchen Design Appointment to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.



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We provide Complete IKEA Kitchen rennovation services to transform your ordinary space into a beautiful and practical one. Moreover, our service cost is reasonable and competitive.



Fusing your vision with our expertise

Planning your layout is essential to get the most from your new kitchen. It will help ensure you can keep your space tidy, it will improve your workflow, it can allow you to introduce areas for relaxing or socializing, and it will ultimately impact the overall ambiance of your space. A minimum 30-minute in-house visit where we discuss inspired kitchen design ideas and take precise measurements of your kitchen space. Our talented in-house IKEA Kitchen designers will offer you the best ideas tailored to your taste, particular needs, and budget—regardless of whether your kitchen is L-shaped, U-shaped, small, large, traditional, or modern! We will implement a comfortable distance between appliances, find the best spot for your sink and implement exemplary flow and efficiency in your kitchen. Fusing your vision with our expertise, we will lay out the perfect kitchen design. 



Professional IKEA kitchen design

We believe accurate measurements are the cornerstone of every effective Kitchen Design. We recommend you take advantage of our affordable, professional in-home measurement service. During the measurement and design consultation, a highly skilled IKEA Kitchen Designer will measure your kitchen space and account for the room dimensions, the slope and height of the ceiling, and the position of doors, windows, plumbing, etc. Also, we will provide you with a second design that portrays a realistic, professional and detailed kitchen design realized in the 2020 software planner. We include all possible details in the Ikea kitchen planner to create a shopping list.


Expert IKEA kitchen designer

In and of itself, Ikea offers free online design software; we are aware, however, that not everyone has the time, energy, or patience to design their kitchen. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you invest strategically in our inexpensive yet meticulous and thoughtful design services. We will provide accurate measurements for room dimensions, ceiling height, electric outlets, water lines, and windows and doors placement. We will design your Ikea kitchen in the software planner to create a shopping list of necessary parts from Ikea.  Also, our professional IKEA Kitchen Designer will provide you with an advanced realistic 3D design that will allow you to see your renovated kitchen or bathroom in minute detail. Don’t forget that Ikea cabinets are so versatile that they can be installed even as media walls in the laundry room, mud room, or household closets. 



High expert-level technical knowledge

Your kitchen is the cornerstone of your home and the pulse of your daily home life. Our Ikea installation team will customize your kitchen to perfectly fit your space, making a bold personal statement on your behalf while using flexible, sophisticated, and convenient Ikea cabinets to their fullest potential. Our IKEA Kitchen Installers will seamlessly assemble cabinets, drawers, and doors. Next, we install the cabinets, cover panels, and toe-kicks. We adjust all cabinet doors and drawer fronts for appearance. Understandably, you want your kitchen to say something about you and be as welcoming and accessible as possible. If necessary, our team will customize your kitchen perfectly by applying expert hacks. We explore all the capabilities of what Ikea hacking can do for you.



Custom door companies choose Ikea cabinets for many reasons, like the excellent warranty and frameless modular system that offers more storage.
We have extensive experience working with custom doors and panels from companies like SEMIHANDMADE, KOKEENA, or REFORM.
The unique process of Ikea that allows purchasing of everything else but the doors enable the customization of your kitchen beyond dreams!
We bring a far superior cabinet installation and Ikea kitchen designing experience. If you choose custom doors and panels for your Ikea kitchen, the installation cost will remain the same.

Ikea Kitchen Installation in Issaquah
From design to renovation

We provide a full range of services, from room additions to bathroom and kitchen Renovation with or without Ikea kitchen cabinets. Our expert IKEA Kitchen designers will help you choose the best combination of tiles, countertops, colors, and fixtures for your exciting Ikea kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation. We are proud to use the latest novelties, technologies, and the best quality materials in the kitchen renovation industry. We love sharing our knowledge as we are passionate about all the aspects of a kitchen design project. As all the possibilities are endless, our in-home designer will work with you to achieve the perfect design for your space. Our goal is to create an environment that inspires you and your family. Whether your kitchen needs complete renovation or you need another bathroom in your home, we would love the opportunity to turn your home into your dream home.

We serve Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, South King County, Shoreline, Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville, Lake Forest Park, Tacoma, Everett, and Snohomish County.


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