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Design a Modern Shaker Kitchen using IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

Many people today want to transition from a fast-paced life to simple living. The clutter in our life usually eats up most of our time, and we have little to no space for things that matter. If you are amid this transition and yearning for a classical and familiar style, then you must be familiar with the term Shaker Kitchen. Ikea Shaker cabinets create an intimate bridge between the coziness of the family home and how we can achieve that with beautiful surroundings. This way of living gives us room to grow and makes our life tranquil. 

Shaker is a style of kitchen cabinet with a simple and minimalist design. It consists of cabinets with flat central panels and minimal ornamentation. These kitchen cabinets and counters are typically made of wood with straight edges. Shaker kitchen places classicism and functionality as its focus with lots of symmetry.

The style of your kitchen cabinets is one of the most significant things. While planning and envisioning your new kitchen, the abundant choices can be overwhelming. Choosing from material to texture, color scheme to layout can be a handful. So, what is more, convenient than finding all your favorites in one place at an affordable price? YES, we are talking about IKEA cabinets! Continue reading to find out if a shaker kitchen is perfect for you.

Blue Shaker Ikea Kitchen cabinets by Hive Kitchen Remodeling

The popularity of shaker kitchens continues to grow, and many homeowners find the simplistic yet beautiful design appealing for several reasons.

1. Versatility 

The shaker-style IKEA cabinets can be paired with all types of kitchen designs. If your aesthetic is rustic, traditional, classic, modern, bohemian, farmhouse, or industrial, you can easily opt for IKEA cabinets to create your shaker kitchen style. The simple design of the shaker kitchen makes it timeless. With the number of options for painted door fronts, you can easily personalize your kitchen. If you want a neutral color for your IKEA cabinets, whites and grays are the most popular choice, such as the ENKÖPING White. 


2. Not Too Ornate

Shaker cabinets are the right fit if you prefer a clean look with well-determined geometrical shapes. These cabinets are known to be classically minimalist. Due to their simple design pattern and light ornamentation, these will give your kitchen a classic look. Shaker cabinets are far from an ornate style, but despite the lack of too much detailing, it is exquisite. The flat center panels and straight lines will give your kitchen a clean look with almost an air of sophistication. However, to give your kitchen a unique personality, choose darker tones for your IKEA cabinets, such as AXSTAD Blue.  

Blue Shaker Ikea Kitchen cabinets by Hive Kitchen Remodeling

3. Functionality

If you know anything about modern designs, you most certainly understand the importance of functionality. It is also why shaker kitchens never go out of style in kitchen design. The shaker kitchen style is timeless and still popular because they are so functional. Especially while leading a simple life, you want to be as tidy as possible. You can store all your kitchen essentials in the IKEA cabinets without worrying about fiddly drawers or doors; everything is kept organized and accessible. For a more neat and contemporary version of the shaker kitchen, you can use handleless cabinet doors and even hide kitchen appliances behind cabinet fronts.

Matte Black Kitchen Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Hive Kitchen

The 3D planning tool is a must for creating your layout and all the parts you’ll order. With Ikea kitchen designers such as Hive Kitchen Remodeling, you can receive a 3D plan of your space, so there are no measurement or design flaws in your kitchen. If you’re interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out our page: Ikea Kitchen Pros. You can also book a consultation today by giving us a call