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Stay Caffeinated: Building a coffee bar with IKEA Kitchen cabinets

If you can not begin your day without a steaming mug of coffee that smells like freshly ground heaven, then you are in the right place! Whether in your kitchen, dining room, pantry, or even tucked in a vacant closet, a coffee bar is well worth adding to your home. We know you must think it is too hard to build your coffee bar, but not anymore. You can customize your coffee bar with IKEA kitchen cabinets and stay caffeinated!

If you like to host gatherings with your friends and family, having extra space, such as a coffee bar, is the perfect way to add fun and function to your home. With the upcoming holiday season, a coffee bar is an ideal addition to your home. While giving your room an eccentric vibe, add a seating area and extra storage with base cabinets. With that in mind, our team at Hive Kitchen Remodeling has compiled some tips for you. With IKEA kitchen cabinets, you can design your coffee bar and enjoy coffee every day from the comfort of your home.  



Upon starting any renovation or design project, the first concern is budgeting. So always start by assigning a budget to yourself, and stick to it. IKEA kitchen cabinets are significantly more inexpensive than other options. These kitchen cabinets are easy to assemble, even if you tackle the job yourself. After choosing the perfect IKEA kitchen cabinets, select the accessories you want to include in your bar area. Your coffee bar can be reserved for brewing coffee. You can also mix some cocktails and beverages. In most kitchen designs, closed cabinets are for bigger bottles. At the same time, the drawers are used for cutlery and small equipment. To display your glassware and ceramics mugs, use glass doors.

IKEA kitchen cabinets are perfect for your project, especially the IKEA LERHYTTAN stained glass door and the IKEA JUTIS frosted glass doors. 

Choosing the right space

Before designing the coffee bar, choosing the space is essential. If you decide to incorporate a sink, ice maker, under-cabinet lighting, or wine cooler, you must consider wiring and plumbing for your space. Try to place your coffee bar with a nearby electric connection. The best thing about a coffee bar is that it doesn’t require much space. So, it can be designed into almost any kitchen, big or small. You can install your coffee bar even if your home has a small hallway. An upstairs hallway would also be perfect for a coffee bar, thus saving you from trotting down the stairs now and then. 

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Make it Pop with Colors:

We all know how our brain works before we have had our first cup of coffee. Make your coffee bar stand out with contrasting colored IKEA kitchen cabinets. Opt for high-contrast cabinetry to make the coffee bar pop visually. If your kitchen space is all white-walled, this would add some intrigue to your kitchen.

If your kitchen is packed with warm colors, you can create a splurge using texture-rich materials and appliances. 

On the contrary, if you are a minimalist and do not want to display your coffee maker, you can blend your coffee bar within your kitchen design by tucking it away in one IKEA kitchen cabinet. Or use folding wood pocket doors to conceal the counter and cabinet coffee area against the wall.

With Ikea kitchen designers such as Hive Kitchen Remodeling, you can receive a 3D plan of your space, so there are no measurement or design flaws in your kitchen. The 3D planning tool is a must for creating your layout, especially when designing a new addition to your kitchen, such as a coffee bar. You can also book a consultation today by giving us a call. If you are interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out our website: Our Services