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Ikea Hardware

Update your cabinets and closets with these 6 beautiful IKEA hardware

We all dread when we realize our kitchen is starting to look a little dated. Despite our numerous efforts, it is inevitable to stop time from making a space feel weary. Wall paints lose their shine, and we could become bored by looking at the same color. It is not necessary to change the design or theme of your space to give it a fresh new look; even a slight change of specific details can transform your home—especially for those of us who pay rent and cannot commit to a significant investment. If you do not want to explore the option of renovation, the next best thing to spice up your space is IKEA Hardware!

Handles are a small but impactful way to illuminate and modernize your home by adding new life. This option is perfect even for the least handy, as each handle, pull, or knob is easy to attach. Adding a new pull to your kitchen cabinets and drawers or a shiny new knob to your doors can completely transform your space.

IKEA Eneryda Knob

You can start with these beautiful and classic pairs of IKEA Eneryda Knobs. This option is inexpensive (under $10/each) yet gives an endeared vintage feel to your drawers. This multi-purpose IKEA hardware option can also work as a wall hook for hanging jewelry and other accessories. To fit your aesthetic, these traditional knobs come in different shapes and colors; chrome, brass, and black.

IKEA Borghamn Handle

If you are planning on replacing the handle of a tired pantry door, then this Ikea hardware option is just the thing for you. If your style is more minimalistic, then the round-edged IKEA Borghamn Handles are perfect for your drawers and kitchen cabinets. The textured surface is the cherry on top to give your space a modern yet rustic look.

IKEA Borghamn Handle 

While we are on the subject of rustic yet modern, another unique option is the horseshoe-shaped IKEA Borghamn Handle. This bent steel textured handle is even less expensive than the previous option. If you love a rustic farmhouse interior, this handle will deliver it. 

IKEA Edvalla Drop Pull

If traditional and vintage is your go-to style, then IKEA Edvalla Drop Pull should be on your shopping list. This Ikea hardware has an elevated design that brings a clear statement of class and elegance o any kitchen cabinet. This beautiful pull is also available in a matte black finish. These pulls are low maintenance and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. To give your drawers a stylish finish, choose this shiny drop pull. 

IKEA Hedra Anthracite Knob

If you want to spend just $5 on a set, then IKEA Hedra Anthracite Knobs are perfect for your project. This classic knob can elevate your bedside drawers and kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The concrete effect of this IKEA hardware is less shiny and more textured, adding a touch of simplicity yet contrast when used on white cabinets.

ÖSTERNÄS leather handles

Add a unique and eccentric touch to your space by opting for ÖSTERNÄS leather handles. This tanned leather handle would add softness and warmth to your home. This IKEA hardware can be paired with a light-toned closet, console, or cabinet. Choose this product to add character and personality to your space. The leather would age and develop a rich glint that would add to its beauty over time. 

If designing is not your strong suit, and you feel indecisive but want to transform your space, then you can always hire help. Get a personalized kitchen designed according to your needs and vision. With Ikea kitchen designers such as Hive Kitchen Remodeling, you can receive a 3D plan of your space. Even for small changes such as hardware, you can book a consultation today by giving us a call. If you’re interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out: Our Services