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How to use Ikea kitchen cabinets throughout the house

Hive Kitchen Remodeling is always on hand to provide high-quality Ikea kitchen installation for the typical Seattle home. But we’re also available to add sophisticated little flourishes and practical storage to all areas of your humble abode. Why stop at the kitchen if you want to expand your storage space? Consider the ease and flexibility that Ikea kitchen cabinets can bring when installed for storage.

What do you typically do with all your laundry? 

As the clothes rack up from you and your family members, keeping all your laundry in one place can be challenging. Please consider our design and professional Ikea installation services for your laundry to achieve the most out of your laundry space. A case of Ikea kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective and popular solution to the issue of mounting laundry piles, providing you with an organized and comfortable space to store all your fresh linens and fabrics once they’re hot out of the dryer.

Assisting you in maintaining enough open space to keep your shower towels, reading material, body lotions, and candles in case you’re ever in the mood to run a long, luxurious bath. Once your dry towels are ready for use, you can give yourself the option to transfer them from one set of Ikea cabinets to the next.

Bathroom storage from Ikea cabinets

Ikea cabinets, with all their colors and styles options, are a cost-effective way to create a fantastic-looking vanity. Even your bathroom could benefit from our Ikea kitchen installation services for brand-new storage cabinets or vanity. Remember the aesthetic value a set of modular cabinets can add to your bathroom vanity, giving you unlimited choices regarding organizing your most essential bathroom materiaals.

Appealing office design with Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

You can even use a brand-new set of Ikea cabinets to transform your office from a sterile working environment to an eye-popping idea zone to help keep your home business alive and kicking. Sequel lateral filing cabinets provide an exquisite, sleek complement to your workspace. Ikea delivers the finest storage cabinets for your office without adding extra bulk to your surroundings. You can find superb ideas for office designs—some showcase custom walnut floating shelves in combination with navy fronts from Kokeena or Semihandmade. 

Organized closets throughout the house

There are even more possibilities awaiting you when you take advantage of our Ikea installation services for a set of new Ikea kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can go anywhere in your house, from your living room to any and all bedrooms, eliminating clutter and helping you maintain an organized and sophisticated residence.

The marvelous thing about Ikea kitchen cabinets is that they don’t limit themselves to kitchen uses. We can help you maximize the design potential, suggesting and adding brand-new compartments to all areas of your home that could use a little more spatial elegance.
No other option is available that creates so much creative freedom as Ikea kitchen cabinets. Book an appointment today to discuss all the possibilities available wit
h Ikea installation services and complete remodeling offered by Hive Kitchen Remodeling.