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Matte Black Kitchen Ikea Hive Kitchen

The sunny side of a black matte kitchen

Matte black is trending; every modern kitchen could use a touch of matte black. From an industrial modern black kitchen or a minimalistic and eccentric style to more traditional-looking kitchen cabinets, black never goes out of style. 

A matte black kitchen is sleek and unforgettable; it’s the color that historically never went out of style. 

Many people today will boldly choose an all-black or partial-black kitchen for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the undeniable sleek and daring appeal of black finishes. When selecting the kitchen cabinets, appliances, style, and finishes, you decide on a lifestyle. Follow these tips to learn how to bring the daring, black trend into your kitchen.


With so many kitchen cabinets styles to choose from, the matte black kitchen trend became popular along with the desire to break from the standard and explore the avant-garde. A modern black kitchen can contribute visually to a sleek, minimalistic, elegant, and upscale lifestyle. Black is an inspired and exquisite option because of its versatility to match virtually any other color. Exploring the all-black kitchen trends means embracing minimalism, different cultures’ innovation, architectural heritages, and being boldly creative in our homes. The secret is understanding how to balance the rest of the kitchen finishes, like the countertops, floors, backsplashes, and hardware.


Adding matte black registers like shelves, brackets, or cabinet and drawer hardware will create a contrast with lighter colors (or even enhance existing dark tones), making it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Whether you are drawn to modern design or more of a contemporary style, black handles or pulls are elegant yet allow for bold contrasts. In its most modern embodiment, the courageous black hardware inside a modern black kitchen, or not the trend, is a staple in Scandinavian design. The black hidden pull installed on the edge of the cabinet door or drawer will allow other shapes and forms in your kitchen to express themselves with clarity.


To contrast or to complement? The backsplash creates a dominant focal point for your kitchen. How to choose from so many gorgeous colors and shapes to implement in a matte black kitchen? If you want to complement, you can select dynamic backsplash tiles like Clé’s collection of dark tiles. This collection’s dark and moody designs will inspire you to create the modern black kitchen of your dreams. Dark tiles bring an elegant yet edgy design to your space. To contrast a matte black kitchen, choose a dynamic and vibrant color, a simple subway tile, or a patterned natural stone for a stunning kitchen. There is nothing more classic or elegant than white glazed tile.


Like in the picture below, the designer chose to contrast a brass faucet with darker elements and a matte black kitchen. This look is so beautiful that it could win the designer of the year award. If minimalism with a touch of luxury is your preferred go-to style, study similar pictures like the one below and make sure you find a contractor with a refined understanding of clean lines.

Also, choosing a black faucet with matte black cabinets could look stunning if you bring textures and colors into the mix.

The all-black look is classic yet trending when choosing a matte black faucet with a modern or traditional design.

Matte Black Kitchen Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Hive Kitchen


You can immerse yourself in a rich offer of black kitchen cabinets these days. “Black cabinets are urbane, sophisticated, and sexy,” says interior designer Oliver M. Furth. From the more affordable Ikea’s Lerhittan black cabinet to Semihandmade‘s Black Shaker or Black Quarterline, you can find something timeless and sophisticated in an all-black kitchen cabinet design. Whether a matte dark charcoal or a glossy jet, these deep shades will bring a layer of drama to your space, making other hues like blue, red, or that gorgeous velvet green pop even more.

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