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IKEA Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors

Why use Ikea kitchen cabinets with gorgeous glass doors

Our kitchen is often the focal point of our home, and something as simple as new kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a much-needed facelift. Whether you’re going for a modern or traditional look in your new-look kitchen, there are plenty of ways to incorporate glass into your  Ikea kitchen design, and Ikea kitchen cabinets have a range of glass door options to complete their overall design choices. Ikea kitchen cabinets have a few glass door options to complete their overall design choices.

Hive Kitchen Remodeling’s Ikea kitchen installation services include an extensive range of luxurious, elegant, and practical use of glass to give your kitchen the look you’re after – be it modern, traditional, or a combination of both!

Displaying your beautiful china is a timeless option

Hive Kitchen Remodeling offers a range of kitchen cabinets, including glass-fronted Ikea kitchen cabinets, to showcase your gorgeous collection of china and glasses. As the proud owner of fine glassware and china, consider displaying them behind our impressive and practical Ikea glass door kitchen cabinets.

You’re going to need somewhere to store all your glassware, so why not install glass display windows to complement the gorgeous wine glasses and present them to all your house guests? When your kitchen is home to fine glassware and china, you should consider incorporating them into the design pattern by keeping them displayed within the dignified confines of glass doors and windows.

Glass-fronted cabinets in your Ikea installation design are an aesthetically-pleasing choice you’ll be proud to show off to visitors to your home. Glass-fronted Ikea kitchen cabinets can also incorporate interior the lighting of your choice, illuminating the items therein to create a stunning kitchen centerpiece. Including lighting in your cabinets has the added benefit of increasing the spatial dimensions of the enclosed spaces to achieve a warm, inviting, and elegant look.

Believe it or not, the aesthetic charms of including glass in your Ikea installation design go even further. Glass doors also come with the ability to install interior lighting of your choice, illuminating the items therein and painting a glossy sheen to the inside spaces. In addition, the inclusion of lighting in your cabinets has the benefit of increasing spatial dimensions to the enclosed spaces, increasing extra value to its already luxurious environment.

Making the most of natural light

The spatial dimensions go beyond the cabinets themselves. Imagine you walk into a kitchen with more traditional cabinets and cupboards. The enclosed cabinets seem to close in on the surrounding spaces. Now, picture the same kitchen, but now when you step inside, illuminated glass doors hold those same cabinets together, assisting in highlighting the elegance of your finest glassware. By utilizing our professional Ikea installation services, you will transform your kitchen into a stunning antiques store all to yourself, helping you cast an immediate impression.

Frosted/textured or clear glass 

Have you ever considered the different kinds of glass you can use for your kitchen cabinets? Clear glass has the advantage of immediately displaying your prized china, and the simplicity of the design will complement any traditional cabinet design. However, for those with a modern eye who are looking for an additional sense of depth to their Ikea installation plan, consider the use of textured glass. Suddenly, you’ve blended elegance with mystery, especially if you install interior lighting to give your glassware an ethereal glow. When you finally open the frosted glass doors for some wine, the reveal will seem like a miracle.

Choosing glass doors for your kitchen cabinets when you engage our custom Ikea installation services, you will instantly increase the value, elegance, and space currently available in your kitchen.

Based in Seattle and servicing the entire Seattle region, Hive Kitchen Remodeling is a professional Ikea kitchen installation services contractor with extensive experience designing and installing Ikea kitchens. When deciding on your kitchen cabinets, including clear or frosted glass cabinets, our in-house designer will work closely with you to achieve a stunning yet practical kitchen remodel that reflects your taste and incorporates your budget.

The team at Hive Kitchen Remodeling has been designing and installing Ikea kitchen remodels for over 15 years. Our designs and can help bring your kitchen cabinetry ideas to life incorporating glass door in the right areas of your kitchen.

Contact us for more information and ideas on how glass doors have the power to transform your kitchen for the better.