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Ikea Kitchen Planning

Ikea kitchen planning advanced by Sektion

Ikea has remained appreciated for its streamlined simplicity, straightforward functionality, and reasonable prices. Ikea kitchen software planner has followed the upward trend in functionality. These characteristics are embodied in every Ikea kitchen, making Ikea kitchen planning a cinch for the modern young family. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Ikea unleashed its Ikea Sektion system in 2015, taking versatility and personalization to a new level.

The latest and innovative assembly method increased the cabinets’ versatility even further. With the help of Hive Kitchen Remodeling, you can have a professional, thoughtful, and accurate design to elevate the look of your space. 

It is essential to choose the right Ikea kitchen plan

Ikea’s kitchen planning enables you to create and customize safe prep and cook areas. Some designs (L-shaped or island layouts) allow a bustling and open social gathering place. Others (U-shaped or peninsulas that close off on one end) are more restrictive and promote safety by keeping kids at a safe distance while you’re cooking or cleaning. A professional designer creates a strategic layout to accommodate family-friendly kitchens. 

You can consult us to inform us of your needs; as your Ikea designers and kitchen cabinet installers, it’s our job and our pleasure to help you plan and provide a safe and cozy environment that caters to everyone.

It’s fun to play with shape colors

Ikea’s Sektion system allows you to customize the layout and colors of your Ikea kitchen plan from thousands of combinations; you can organize all exterior and interior components to fulfill all your needs. This system is wonderfully modular, allowing you to align shelf space and place drawers however you see fit- tucking the baby’s highchair under the counter. Want the breakfast bar to cater to your kids and even serve as a homework workspace? Sure thing. No problem.

Apart from the delightful building-block functionality of its design, the Sektion system is roomier regarding its interior space. From bibs and baby food to bottles and individual food preferences, you can be sure that your growing family’s storage needs will also to grow exponentially.

And apart from the obvious advantages of a more fantastic storage room and organization capabilities (something every parent recognizes as a superpower), the new Ikea system also enables the installment of integrated lighting. That would enhance the kitchen atmosphere and make navigation easier and especially useful for the family’s youngest members.

Increasing options with custom fronts

We did a major renovation of a whole house, and our customer only considered Ikea after we suggested it. The Ikea kitchen planning tool was a tremendous tool for our customers to compare costs and see the design in detail and all the fantastic possibilities Ikea cabinets offer. Since her project included taking down walls and reconfiguring the footprint of the entire first floor, she was happy to consider Ikea kitchen cabinets to maintain the costs within her budget. She still adores her kitchen after a few years. 

You can see more pictures of this project in our project gallery. Ikea kitchen plans have become more accommodating, from their safe and customizable layouts to their versatile and abundant storage solutions. Ikea’s Sektion system makes the kitchen an inarguably family-friendly place—including for young families—and serves as a surefire component for a successful renovation.

Ikea kitchen planning

The new Sektion system also allows for increased customization with the help of companies like Semihandmade or Kokeena. Contact us today with questions or queries regarding Ikea kitchen planning and cabinets installation!