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Phil and Barbara Bewerunge

“We hired Paula and Marius in December 2020 to renovate our 1965 kitchen, which was badly in need of a makeover. They did a fabulous job, and the whole experience was top-notch.

The first thing that I need to point out is that we were deeply impressed with their work ethic. This is an honest, hard-working husband and wife team that aims to deliver an amazing work product to their customers at a great price. I couldn’t rate them more highly in terms of integrity. They consistently showed up on time in the mornings and worked hard all day.

Communication was always excellent. We happened to do our kitchen renovation at a time of absolute scheduling chaos — because of COVID, global kitchen furniture and equipment supply chains were backed up. This meant that a lot of kitchen projects had to be put on hold, and then suddenly came back all at the same time when deliveries were made. Paula and Marius had been working non-stop across multiple sites for months in probably the most challenging environment ever. They really, really care about making their customers happy, and worked hard to accommodate us in terms of scheduling needs. Throughout the process, we never felt abandoned because we quickly established a level of trust with them and knew they were working as hard as they physically could.

They really pushed themselves, especially because they don’t cut corners and take great pride in their work product — they really take the time to do it right. At one point, we suggested to Marius to not worry if a certain paint detail was not perfect, since we could always take care of it later. His response: “No. I want it to be perfect.” This was very impressive and tells you all you need to know about their mentality.

The level of skill and artisanship is incredible. I’d bet that if Marius wanted to build an entire home from the foundation up, he would be able to do it. This guy is an artist. Always calm, he turns on his downtempo house on his Bluetooth speaker and goes to work, losing himself in his craft. When most people hear the name IKEA, they think standardized, out-of-the-box kitchens. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Marius really made our kitchen pop, adding custom trim and backsplash, replacing an old window, and even centering our sink underneath the window (the original IKEA design didn’t allow it, but he customized the layout by creating a cutting board nook). The end result is mind-blowing. We love our new kitchen — it looks custom high end. I’ve included some before and after pictures.

This review wouldn’t be complete without touching on Marius’s and Paula’s character. These are really good people — kind, generous, honest, and personable. We once spent an entire hour casually talking over lunch. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire them again, and neither should you.”