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IKEA's New Kitchen Sektion Cabinets-hive-kitchen-remodeling

Ikea’s new kitchen system, Sektion Cabinets, is here

You may have heard that Ikea has decided to shake things up by doing away with its celebrated kitchen cabinets system.

The old system has been around for 25 years and has happily transformed millions of kitchens worldwide. But starting in February 2015, the Ikea installation technique will change when Sektion is introduced into the marketplace to revolutionize the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

Customers have been contacting us round the clock with questions about how Ikea kitchen installation will change when Ikea switches over to Sektion. So here are some of the features you can expect when you utilize our Ikea kitchen installation services for the new Sektion kitchen cabinets system:

For starters, the Ikea installation family of professionals worldwide appreciated the old system for its modular qualities. Sektion promises to be even more modular, maximizing the flexibility you can design the ideal cabinets for your kitchen. 

1. Sektion Cabinets redesigned the storage space. 

The placement of your drawer and shelf space will be entirely within your hands.

Ikea’s Sektion system also allows for a more spacious interior space, enabling integrated lighting, further illuminating your kitchen for a calming, soothing atmosphere every time you step in or invite company for a dinner party. Moreover, Sektion’s hanging wall option for lower cabinets will allow for elegance to your storage space while providing an additional layer of sophistication as your drawers smoothly slide out for use.

2. Possibly new colors are coming with Sektion Cabinets.

Our custom door manufacturers, friends from Kokeena and Semihandmade, have all the fun colors and all the inspiration that one may need. Regarding utilizing Ikea-only doors, we hope to use the same color schemes you can find in other territories, such as the UK or Australia, such as Abstrakt red, Rockhammer brown, or Ramsjo white. In any case, we will be on hand to lend our expertise to the Ikea installation process and answer any of your questions.

3. Nothing can stop you now

The sky is the limit for how you choose to sculpt your brand-new Sektion kitchen based on the cabinet design you use. Do not settle for anything less than your dream kitchen. So rest assured: as soon as Sektion arrives on our shores, we’ll be here to help you bring the elegance and convenience of Ikea installation services to your doorstep.With so many choices and brilliant ideas to choose from, your kitchen could become an inspiration for other people looking to renovate their kitchens.

4. Consult an Ikea kitchen designer  

Although the new Sektion system will not be compatible with the old one, there is no need to despair, for nothing has changed with us at Hive Kitchen Remodeling. We will still deliver our top-quality Ikea installation services in the Seattle metropolitan area. We have our fingers on the pulse of the latest and greatest in Ikea kitchen design, allowing you to direct the coming together of your kitchen cabinets while we do all the heavy lifting for you.