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Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Installation Guide

Quick guide to Ikea kitchen cabinets installation process

Even the most die-hard Ikea fans have many unanswered questions regarding Ikea Kitchen cabinetsinstallation. There are many valuable blogs and fan clubs with tons of information online, but when it comes to understanding each step of the process, questions still need to be answered. As professional Ikea kitchen installers, we offer as much information as possible from the first phone conversation.

We answer questions like: How much space is necessary to store the flat pack cabinets until the actual assembly and installation begin, or how long should the Ikea kitchen cabinets installation process take?

Questions about warranty and the Ikea Kitchen Cabinets installation process 

One of the most common questions asked is about the quality of the Ikea cabinets or the length of the warranty Ikea offers. They offer a 25-year limited warranty that covers the material and workmanship on the Sektion kitchen system. The warranty is only covered if the cabinets were assembled or installed correctly, so get a professional installation company to ensure your warranty is in full effect.


I want to explain just a few steps about how a typical Ikea kitchen installation should progress, starting with the demolition. The most important step is to find an installer that serves your area and has years of experience installing Ikea kitchen cabinetry. Our company has been installing Ikea kitchen cabinets for the past 17 years. We are also on the list of preferred installers for custom door companies like Semihandmade and Kokeena. The best way to connect with a local installer is to type in keywords like Ikea kitchen installation, Ikea kitchen installer near me and Ikea installation near me. Let’s say our customer Anna found us on Google and got in touch with us through our “Book your appointment” box on our website. She is interested in having her old kitchen revamped with modern Ikea cabinets.

Kitchen measurements and design process example

After the initial phone conversation, we would schedule an appointment with Anna to measure her kitchen space. Our measurement and design services are affordable and offer as many revisions as necessary. We introduce in the software all the necessary pieces to create a shopping list of required parts for the Ikea kitchen installation part of the project. After 24hr, Anna would receive a link in her email where she could see her kitchen in 3D in the Ikea planner tool. After reviewing the layout, Anna would tell us that she approved the design and loved our ideas and the proposed kitchen layout. Her Ikea kitchen has a total of 20 cabinets. Anna decides to hire us for her cabinets installation and kitchen renovation project. The Ikea kitchen installation will fully reflect the design. After the cabinets were bought and delivered, we would start Anna’s Ikea kitchen installation project within seven days.

Ikea kitchen cabinets Installation and renovation process

The Ikea kitchen installation part of the kitchen remodel should take four days, including demolishing the old cabinets, countertops, and appliances. On the first day on the job, after the demolition is complete, we would start assembling the new cabinets, including all the trims, cover panels, toe-kicks, and hardware. On the second day, the actual installation of the Ikea cabinets begins. On the third day, all cabinets would be perfectly secured, aligned, leveled, and ready for the quartz or granite countertop measurements. The manufacturing of the countertops could take three to seven days for a medium kitchen size like Anna’s. After the installation of the countertops, the plumbing connection and appliance installation is made. The backsplash is the last to complete the look. 

The Ikea kitchen installation process should be smooth and stress-free for any homeowner. It starts with the measurements that would have to be done by a professional, experienced company and finishes with removing any debris from the job site.

By using our Ikea installation service, homeowners can achieve the proposed goals of maximizing kitchen space, obtaining a custom look, bring high style and designer features to any kitchen.

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