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4 IKEA Kitchen Countertops for Your Kitchen Redesign Project

Are you in the midst of a kitchen redesign project?

If yes! Then we are sure you must require new kitchen countertops. For high-quality and affordable countertops, choose IKEA! These versatile and durable Ikea kitchen countertops are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even home office desk. Our team of highly trained professionals has jotted down 4 of the best Ikea kitchen countertops available!

Ikea kitchen countertops come with a 25-year warranty and are available in stores throughout the year. Additionally, these countertops are customizable. You can get them cut to the length you want, and you will receive two edging strips with each slab to cover up any necessary seams. 

1. EKBACKEN IKEA kitchen countertops


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This gorgeous white laminated marble effect countertop fits flawlessly in any modern shaker kitchen. The design is timeless and easy to clean. Interestingly this Ikea kitchen countertop is much cheaper than most options available. You can use this in your kitchen as well as on top of your kitchen island.

This Ikea kitchen countertop is our first choice as it is easy to maintain and remains beautiful for many years. The marble effect and texture resemble real stone, so the countertop looks stylish and luxurious. This stain-resistant and durable countertop is easy to install and can be used in your kitchen without the help of a professional. However, if you are planning on installing a heavy sink, opt for a different countertop. 

2. SALJAN IKEA kitchen countertops


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This stylish black marble effect countertop is just the thing to add drama to your kitchen. The laminated ikea kitchen countertops is easy to clean, especially if you have children who often spill. Fortunately, this countertop is stain-resistant. The color contrast of the black marble effect gives a high-end look to your kitchen. Opt for this option if you want to achieve a contemporary and stylish aesthetic on a tight budget. This durable and affordable countertop can be easily installed. If you do not think you are up to the task, you can always hire help. These countertops have a lovely matte black marble effect and are slightly rounded with seamless edges, so you don’t see the laminated corners. You can create a fabulous contrast with white IKEA base cabinets. 

3.MOLLEKULLA IKEA kitchen countertops


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If you prefer the natural wood texture but solid wood countertops are beyond your budget. Then IKEA’s MOLLEKULLA solid oak countertop is perfect for your farmhouse style kitchen. Most solid wood countertops are sold according to per square foot, while IKEA provides an entire slab for nearly the same price. This wood countertop is a combination of solid wood and veneer. Just like most Ikea kitchen countertops, this offers a unique pattern and durable surface. The countertop is prepared with efficient use of natural resources. To customize the countertop, you can sand and stain the surface according to your liking. The material is less sensitive to humidity and is not prone to bend or crack. The beautiful wooden texture would add a timeless look to your existing kitchen. Interestingly this Ikea kitchen countertops is also known to darken into a beautiful color over the years. 

4. KARLBY IKEA kitchen countertops


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This affordable walnut wood countertop is not just inexpensive, it is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. IKEA uses a resource-efficient method of particle boarding the top layer of wood. This durable and sustainable Ikea kitchen countertops is pretreated with hard wax oil. The layered construction of the wood and veneer makes the countertop stable and safe from humidity. The countertop comes with a narrow plank design and lightens to a beautiful honey color with age. The walnut wood matches flawlessly with the traditional and modern kitchen style. The design and texture are versatile, and can be incorporated in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and especially in a home office. 

With Ikea kitchen designers such as Hive Kitchen Remodeling, you can receive a 3D plan of your space so there are no measurement or design flaws in your kitchen. The 3D planning tool is a must for creating your kitchen layout. You can also book a consultation today by giving us a call. If you’re interested in learning more about our service, make sure to check out: Our Services