Design and drawings

In and of itself, Ikea offers free online design software; we are well aware, however, that not everyone has the time, energy, or patience to design their own kitchen. We therefore strongly recommend that you make a strategic investment in our inexpensive yet meticulous and thoughtful design services. We will provide you with accurate measurements that account for room dimensions, ceiling height, electric outlets, water lines, and the opening of windows and doors. Don’t forget that Ikea cabinets are so versatile that they can be installed even in the laundry room, mud room, or household closets.

A professional Ikea installer takes your vision and dreams to heart and listens; he or she knows exactly what sort of design to recommend based on your needs, style, technicalities requirements, and budget. A knowledgeable Ikea installer has the expertise and skillset to assemble and install a medium-sized Ikea kitchen in just two days.

Already have an Ikea design? Send it over to us for a free quote (obligation-free and no strings attached). Our experienced Ikea kitchen designer is also an Ikea installer with hundreds of gorgeous kitchens already designed and installed. We are happy to offer you a free assessment and feedback on your design.